MScSim is the real time flight dynamics simulation software.

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Flight Dynamics Model

High fidelity flight dynamics model based on available wind tunnel data and/or CFD simulations using OpenFOAM and OpenVSP.

Available following aircraft types:

  • AW101 - medium helicopter
  • C-130 - turboprop transport aircraft
  • Cessna 172 - general aviation aircraft
  • F-16 - 4th generation jet fighter
  • F-35A - 5th generation jet fighter
  • Mustang Mk III - World War II era fighter
  • PW-5 - World Class glider
  • R44 - light helicopter
  • UH-60 - medium helicopter

Electronic Flight Instrument System and Head-up Display common for all aircraft types. Built-in map with navigational radio aids, airports, etc.

High resolution photorealistic scenery based on aerial imagery of Oahu island, low resolution scenery based on satellite imagery of the whole World.

Accurate celestial bodies position with almost 1000 visible stars.